Our Commitment to Our Customers 

We have kept our moving company complaints to a minimum thanks to our commitment to our customers. These practices have yielded us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a phenomenal number of repeat clients. 

If you are unsatisfied with our moving service in any way, please contact us today and give us the opportunity to make it right. 

Submitting a Claim

We go the extra mile to ensure that all of your belongings are protected. If an accident occurs and you have an item that is damaged or missing, you may want to complete a claim form. If you purchased full replacement insurance with Unirisc, complete this Unirisc claim form.  If you opted for the basic carrier liability to govern your move, please complete Alison’s Relocation claim form.

You may also contact our claims department by email or phone at (907) 345-9934.

Accepting your belongings on delivery day is essential in the claims process and protecting your items in the case of loss or damage. Alison’s Relocations requires any loss or damage be noted at the time of delivery on the inventory form which you will sign before your driver leaves your residence.

As goods are unloaded, your driver will ask you to verify receipt and condition of your belongings. Please take this time to verify both as items are unloaded, noting any loss or damage as you see it.

Timing for Filing a Claim

On interstate shipments, when filing a claim for loss, damage or delay, you are required to submit your completed claim form within 9 months of your delivery date. Alison’s Relocations strongly recommends that you file your claim as soon as possible to avoid processing time delays. Shorter time limits for filing a claim may apply in intrastate or local moves. Please consult with your sales representative or our claims department for further information.


An arbitration program is available to all Alison Relocations’ customers in conjunction with the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA). The program is a less costly alternative to the court system in settling disputes involving loss or damage claims.

Under arbitration procedures, two parties unable to resolve their differences submit their dispute to an impartial third party for a final determination. The proceeding is governed by rules and procedures agreed upon in advance by both parties.

The program is administered by the American Arbitration Association, an independent non-governmental organization not affiliated with either the AMSA or Alison’s Relocations.

You may request arbitration in writing to the AMSA at 1611 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA, 22314 or you may contact Alison’s Relocations directly.