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Child Moving out of the House? Here’s how to Handle it

It’s a bittersweet day that’s often filled with both excitement and apprehension – your child is moving out of the house. Maybe he’s going off to college. Maybe she’s moving in with friends down the road. In either case, you’re bound to have the same question: what to do with their belongings?

Here are some tips, and ways Alison’s Relocations can help you make the process easier. (The decision of whether – and when – to repurpose their room is all yours!)

Off to college – Heading to college, especially for the first time, brings a lot of excitement, with a checklist that seems longer than when you brought them home from the hospital:

  • Registered for school? Check.
  • Meal plan selected? Check.
  • Airline tickets reserved? Check.
  • Boxes shipped?

You can check off that last item easily, too. Your college student will probably have 5-10 boxes. Depending on weight, it may make sense to ship all the boxes together as a complete shrink-wrapped, banded and palletized package. This option is convenient (we can provide boxes and even pick them up from your house) and all belongings arrive at the same time – between 2-4 weeks later.

Out of state – As an Alaska-based company, we know the ins and outs of moving into or out of our state. Give us a call to talk about the best options for your situation. They can range from shipping small-palletized shipments like that described above, to a self-move that pairs belongings and even a vehicle in one shipping container. 

Leaving belongings in storage – Young adults moving out are often in transition for a few years, whether in college, the military, or on the hunt for the next job opportunity. The parental home often serves as the initial storage unit for items they don’t need right away – like that heirloom toy box or collection of art projects. When you want to reclaim your garage, or convert their old bedroom to a guest room, we have storage options that can accommodate. Then items will be primed for easy shipment to them later. 

Regardless of where your child is headed, it’s exciting for them and can be a bit stressful for all. We’d love to help you reduce the jitters that can come with moving belongings – so give us a call!

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