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Senior Moving: Sorting Through the Memories

For seniors, moving can seem especially daunting. While a move provides an opportunity for paring down a lifetime’s worth of belongings, it can be difficult to know just where to start. 

At Alison’s Relocations, we have a high level of training and experience specific to the needs of seniors. In fact, both Ben and Alison are Certified Senior Movers who truly understand the bittersweet emotions that can come with sorting through treasured belongings, distributing heirloom items, and saying goodbye to a family home.

Working with the next generation – Often the grown children of seniors are involved in moving decisions. This can be stressful, especially if they live out of state and are trying to handle details from afar. Having trusted Certified Senior Movers guiding the process can provide a huge sense of relief.

Downsizing – When seniors are downsizing, they need people who are patient when trying to go through everything. “I think what sets us apart is the willingness and capability to give them that added level of attention,” says Ben. The process often starts with a survey of the current home compared to the new residence. A Certified Senior Mover can estimate how many belongings will fit in the new space, giving a clear parameter for what needs to go.

The business of sorting – As items are sorted, they go into a few general categories: Keep, Gifts, Charity, Trash, Storage or Estate Sales. Seniors frequently decide to bequeath items to their children. Perhaps one child in New York gets the bedroom set. Another child in California gets the china and a rocking chair. Alison’s Relocations can easily package these up and get them shipped, to the delight of both sender and recipient! Alison’s can also provide storage space, recommend estate sale options, and coordinate charity or trash pickups.

Stages – After the survey and sort phase, some items are dealt with immediately, while others remain at the home while it is on the market. This “staging” helps in the sales process. Once the house has sold, the rest of the items are distributed according to the senior’s preferences.

The move – With Alison’s Relocations, the actual move itself is straightforward and efficient, whether a senior is moving into a smaller home, an assisted living facility, or up to Alaska to be closer to their grown children and grandchildren.

Each senior is treated with the utmost respect and patience, with clear guidance offered throughout the process. “We’re all going to be there at some point”, notes Ben. “What goes around comes around!”

Are you a senior (or child of a senior) thinking about the moving process? Give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss your needs.