Long Journey

“I can only give them the highest marks possible. We just completed a 15,000 pound move from Eagle River, Alaska to Avondale, AZ – a journey over 4500 miles. We have a 45ft container fully packed. The service that we received had been nothing short of outstanding from the first meeting with Alison back in January. She provided timely, accurate professionally prepared estimates, for not only the cost of pacing, shipping, and insurance but also travel times for both land and sea transport.

The people that Alison’s employees are of the highest caliber, this starts with the receptionist, through to office manager to packers. The value of our move was in the $200,000 range. The welfare and safety of our goods was if it was their own. As you can imagine after 13 years in Alaska we had accumulated quite an assortment of items, each and every item was treated as a precious and unique memory should be. Our song’s 65 pound King Salmon mount was packing in a wooden crate, my wife’s grandfather clock also was shown the respect a delicate time piece should. Using a container for this move was by far the smartest decision we have ever made in moving. If I were to make another move from Alaska, Alison’s would be our only mover.”

Bradley E.